Top 4 Things I've Learned During the Pandemic

Once we hit 4 months into this COVID-19 pandemic, I knew then that life would be drastically different than anything we knew prior! While there are certainly things that I miss about life pre-pandemic, I have to admit, I've learned a lot about myself and there are even things I hope never change.


1. Restaurants Are Overrated

I have always loved going to restaurants. It's always been a treat getting dressed to go out, sitting at a fancy table, enjoying delicious food, etc. I could go on and on.

Fast forward to now, and I'm starting to feel that a sit-down experience is unnecessary for an every-week activity, at best. Waiting for a table, overhearing someone else's conversation, looking for a parking space, walking in the rain, etc. Again, I could go on and on.

How can both of these ideas be true for me? Everything is relative! When going out is my norm, I love it. When staying in is my norm, I love it, too. The one constant is I love the company of who I'm with. We can eat anywhere, even at home.

It's so interesting to me to see how my opinion changes based on my own perspective. It helps me to remember that only I can control how I feel or react to things around me. 


2. Staying Home is Underrated

I get it, I get it. We're all supposed to complain about why we hate being at home. But I've gotta be honest. We've lived in our house for over 6 years, and we've NEVER spent the amount of time at home that we're spending now. We are normally "booked and busy," and as a result of that we were often too tired to enjoy what we've worked for!

Now that we're working remotely, I'm finding joy in the small things that I never really had a chance to enjoy. Things like making myself breakfast in the morning as I start my workday, using our coffee pot (seriously!), catching up on and starting new series, etc. have all been new highlights to my day.

As much as we've enjoyed being home, I see our kids expecting that as a new normal. The best example of this is that anytime I walk out the door without our 3-year-old, she says that she will miss me when I'm gone.  I cannot say that I'm ready for time at home to end.


3. Kids Are (even more) Resilient (than I thought!)

Once schools closed, our 3-year-old and 5-year-old missed their teachers and friends terribly. I'm talking "face-time the teacher" terribly. Their little lives, and the routines they were used to, changed so drastically that they didn't have time to adjust! Normally, as parents, we try to "talk up" new experiences. We do our best to set expectations, answer questions, and settle any anxiety they have. Well this time, we didn't have that luxury. Their worlds were turned upside down at the same time as ours!

Fast forward 4 months, and our kids are in summer-best-friend mode. They're all relatively close in age (2, 3, and 5), have similar interests, and play well together (mostly). The way that they've adjusted is a testament to my next point.


4. Having a Village is More Important Than Ever

We've all heard the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." Believing it and living it are two completely different things! From the start, our family -- grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins -- has been a blessing to us at each stage of parenthood. We've literally wanted for nothing, and that is a blessing we don't take lightly.

In the age of this pandemic, our village has been that much more of a benefit. From helping with the kids at home while we work remotely, to continuing to celebrate birthdays and other milestones in this new normal, the experiences that we're sharing are invaluable.


I share all that to say this -- don't try to do this life alone. Whether you have family and/or friends, you need someone to support you and encourage you when you can't go it alone. Treasure your village. Support each other. Love each other while you can.

What takeaways do you have from all this time at home? Are you ready for the world to open up again?


Talk soon,

Bryttani Graddick

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