Top 3 FAQs you should know the answer to when it comes to creating a custom order with HeartWear Jewelry

It's a known fact that at HeartWear Jewelry, you can order custom jewelry that is unique to you. What's not always fully understood is what that really means?

Here are some of the questions we get most often:


"Can I request a bracelet like you have on the site, but in a different color?"
The answer: Yes! This is about you! If you see an item on the site that you like, but would like it more if it was different (longer, shorter, more of a certain color, less of a certain color, etc.), just reach out and let me know!
Now I will say, the items that are in the "Prior Designs" section of the site are literally "sold out." They were created for other clients. Think of that section as an inspiration board. If you see an item listed here, still reach out! I'd love to design a piece that is uniquely yours.
"What do you need to know from me before we can confirm the order?"
The answer: The more details you can give, the better your design will be! Are you creating this jewelry for a special occasion or everyday wear? If you're buying this as a gift for a friend, what type of jewelry do they normally wear? Is this piece of jewelry similar to something you've seen before? Do you have a picture to work from?
While I hate to answer a question with a question, in this case, it's necessary.
Bottom line -- I need allllll the details you have. The clearer the communication between you and me, the more satisfied you will be. And don't worry! I'll ask. :)
"How long does it take to receive a custom order?"
The answer: Generally, orders can be received within 2 weeks. Of course, this is dependent on several factors such as availability of special materials, shipping delays due to issues outside of my control (I'm looking at you, COVID-19), or a backlog of custom orders creating a waiting list.
As custom orders are created, you and I will be in contact every step of the way. Again, the more I know about what you're requesting, the better for everyone involved.
I hope this brief FAQ was helpful! Feel free to also view our site for a few more questions you may have.
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Talk soon,

Bryttani Graddick

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Great clarifications! You ROCK!

LaShun Crawford June 21, 2020

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