How to Wear Jewelry to Complement Your Look

It's important that you know how to wear jewelry to complement your look.

But, tell the truth -- are your outfits predictable? 👀

Listen, I know you’re grown and you know how to dress. But be honest, do you pretty much wear the same jewelry everyday or are you wearing the same jewelry with the same outfits every time? 
Where’s the fun in that? What about the variety, what about the flair, what about the spontaneity?!
If you’ve never branched out into colorful statement jewelry, let me personally invite you to do so! This blog post is all about how to wear jewelry to complement your look no matter where you're going.
I am a firm believer in the fact that you do NOT have to spend a ton of money just to feel great or even to get compliments on what just LOOKS like a new outfit!
Believe it or not, a plain white blouse and jeans can give soooo many different looks just by switching up the jewelry!
Trust me. It’s gonna give what I say it’s gonna give. Just try it. ❤
Your jewelry is an external representation of your personality. People see it before they see you, really, so show who you are and have fun with it!

Here are a few simple "do's and don'ts" to wearing jewelry that you absolutely LOVE and that you won't get bored with!

✅️ Do find ways to be less “matchy-matchy.” Now I love a good monochromatic look, but some of the most interesting combinations to look at play with colors that are more complementary (think opposites on the color wheel).
✅️ Do look at every outfit -- especially those you’ve worn before -- as a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless, so it’s important to not feel limited.
✅️ Do experiment with different jewelry textures, sizes, and even mix up patterns! There are no “rules.” Even this blog post is just one perspective and everybody’s got one. I’m just saying, use your opinion!
❌️ Don’t get stuck wearing the same jewelry with the same outfits just because it’s all you’re used to. Variety is the spice of life, right?
❌️ Don’t feel pressured to buy new accessories just because you have a new outfit or just because you want a change-up. Even if you have just a few jewelry pieces, I can guarantee you can find new ways to wear them. As time progresses, build your jewelry collection slowly so that you have an opportunity to wear it all and work it into your wardrobe.
❌️ Don’t become intimidated by all of the options available to you. Have fun with the process and be proud of the combinations you discover.
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Let me know in the comments below which Do or Don't you agree with most! I'd love to know what you'd be interested in hearing more about.
All love,
Bryttani G.

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