How to Build a Support Circle

Think about a time that you were at your highest of highs. After getting great news or accomplishing a colossal task, what's usually the first thing you look to do? You call a close friend or family member so they can share that success with you.
The same thing is true when you're at your lows. Of course, you're not sharing the news as a means of making someone else sad. You share so that they can support you, provide a different perspective, or even be a friendly ear to listen with love.
I tend to share an ongoing message about important it is to not try to do this life alone. Whether sharing good news or bad news, it's essential to have a support circle around you to lift you up when it's needed.
As more and more women become familiar with HeartWear Jewelry and see the brand as a resource for jewelry requests, both big and small, we also build a positive and uplifting community for the women we serve.
We provide opportunities for the community in several ways -- our blog posts, our Facebook page, our Instagram page, and our Facebook group (HeartWear Jewelry VIP Club). In the group, we share behind-the-scenes looks at our jewelry-making process and hold scheduled lives where we can connect with each other on topics way beyond jewelry.
However you decide to connect with us, understand that community is what you make it. To surround yourself with like-minded individuals is a gift! The more outlets we have for a valuable, productive, and relatable relationship, the better we all will be.
Join us! We'd love to have you.
Talk soon,
Bryttani Graddick

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