3 Ways to Jazz Up Your On-Screen Look

From virtual birthday parties to business meetings and everything in between, the way we connect nowadays is drastically different than a year ago. And while it's easy to get stuck in the routine of being simply satisfied dressing from the waist up, here are 3 quick and easy ways to add some pep to your look and outlook.

1) Enhance your energy with earrings

Earrings are THE simplest and most cost-effective way to frame your face. If you're anything like me, you don't even feel fully-dressed without earrings, and adding color to these staples is literally the cherry on top. I make it a point to check how I'm feeling in the morning while getting ready for the day and that helps me decide which earrings I'll wear. Whenever I'm just "not feeling it," wearing a pair of bright pink or flower tassel earrings helps give me that easy push to get the day started.

2) Style a statement necklace

Now, for everything, there's a time and a place. If you're looking to blend in and not be noticed in a meeting, maybe statement necklaces aren't really the right fit for you that day. BUT if you don't want to get lost in the crowd, if you have a presentation, or if you just feel like getting some compliments, then pull out your statement necklaces! Whether paired with matching earrings, or simple studs, a bold necklace certainly makes it clear that you were intentional in putting your outfit together.

3) Break through the boredom with your bracelet(s)

If you're anything like me, you talk with your hands. I know I do. Even in Zoom meetings, when watching myself on-screen, I feel super polished when wearing either a custom wrap bracelet or a simple stretch bracelet that coordinates with my blouse. Even if you don't talk with your hands, you're bound to show your hands at some point in the meeting, and why not show off some arm candy while you're at it?

So there you are -- 3 easy and simple ways you can add some razzle dazzle to your look in virtual meetings. Of course, any of these confidence-boosters can be found online at HeartWear Jewelry and I'd be happy to work with you to create something just for you!

Here's my challenge for you, next virtual meeting you have, choose one or more of these items and see if it makes a difference in not only how you approach the meeting but also how you feel in the meeting. Have fun with it!

Talk soon,

~ Bryttani G.

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