Always Live Passionately

“No one wins!” “Everybody wins!” “No one wins!” “Everybody wins!”

They argued back and forth and it felt like it went on forever...

After dinner a a while back, our 2 girls had a “spirited debate” over a topic I never really considered before.

You know the question about whether a glass is half-empty or half-full? They started their own philosophical discussion on the definition of a “tie,” like in a game.


A little background

You see, our oldest has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen in a child. She’s so compassionate and empathetic, to the point that she’ll tear up if she thinks you’re hurt or sad. If she sees you in the store -- whether she knows you or not -- and she walks up to you and gives you a hug, just accept the fact that’s what you needed.

Our youngest girl, who’s also our middle child, is a realist. She's tender-hearted and nurturing to her little brother but she’s also no-nonsense. She likes for things to make sense, and when they don’t, it really bothers her. I’m so interested to see where her little personality and temperament will take her in life.

So if you had to guess, who was debating each side?

I'll give you some time...








If you guessed our oldest said a tie means that “everybody wins,” and our middle said a tie means that “nobody wins,” you’d be right.

Isn’t that funny how you knew the answer without even being there?


This after-dinner debate left me amazed at how different these two little beings could be. Raised in the same house, under 2 years apart in age, dressing alike on most days, and yet their views on this topic of “a tie” are so drastically different.

I mean, you should have seen the seriousness in how they argued their points! They really stood their ground. #proudmommoment



When watching them grow up and experience life, I think of how life will be for them as they get older. I really don't want them to lose the passion they have -- even about the small things -- and feel forced to blend in just to make other people comfortable.

It makes me want to do what I can to make the world a little better for them.

There are so many ways to be yourself -- the viewpoints you have, the hobbies you enjoy, the movies you love, the music that moves you, the clothes you wear, and the jewelry you choose.

That’s why I started HeartWear Jewelry to give women an opportunity to be their true selves and not feel like a carbon copy of everyone else.

Jewelry is just one way to show your individuality, but it’s often overlooked how powerful it can be. I’m talking that intentional act of setting up your jewelry collection to be one that you KNOW is unlike anyone else’s.

It’s a whole mood 😎



If you feel passionately about something or if you have a unique point of view...

... share that viewpoint, tell your story, and do it confidently.

If you're a true statement maker, you don't shrink or dim your light to make others feel better. You can't help who you are and WHOSE you are, so walk in that and be bold.

Bryttani from HeartWear Jewelry

If you're into these kind of conversations, where we share different opinions confidently and have our minds opened by different points of view, here's your personal invitation to join our next Tuesday Talk.

We hold these chats typically every other week at 8:30 PM in our Facebook Group. I'd love to see you there!


Chat soon,

Bryttani Graddick


P.S. I still don't know which side of their "discussion" I'm on, but I guess it pretty much depends on the day. 😊 Let me know your thoughts below!

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