A Day In The Life of a Member of HeartWear Jewelry VIP Club

As you can expect, women who work with HeartWear Jewelry are multi-faceted -- having different interests, careers, hobbies, family sizes, life stages, etc., etc. But one thing that connects us is our time spent once a week together in our Facebook group.

 A few weeks ago, we launched the HeartWear Jewelry VIP Club. It was a quiet launch - testing the waters - but targeted at a group of women who truly understand the reason behind the brand, and who gather together to build community with each other.

 Once a week, we get together for our Tuesday Talks at 8:30 PM. It's our standing date, and we get together via FB live for a virtual meetup while I create custom jewelry for the site. This is our judgment-free and our safe space. This group of women lift each other up, share successes, and discuss their opinions on a number of topics.

 We're coming up on the 3rd week this Tuesday, and we'll be gathering in a FB room for our very first "Bring Your Own Beverage" 😉 night. Again, in this judgment free zone, it doesn't matter if the beverage is milk or Moscato. The goal is to give us all an opportunity to "get together," which is turning out to be very needed in this age of the pandemic.

Does this sound like a group of women that you'd like to gather with? Join us! We'd love to have you! Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HeartWearJewelryVIPClub.


Talk to you soon,


~ Bryttani Graddick

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