5 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Confidence

You know that feeling, “being stuck in a rut”? It’s a real thing and can really sneak up on you if you don't focus on ways to intentionally boost your confidence.

To keep from feeling this way, we can all benefit from upgrading our look from time to time. Wearing the same hairstyle and the same clothing and the same way can be such a bore. *yawn*

I’ve said it before, “When you look good, you feel good and can do great things!” There are so many to refresh your appearance and while doing so, boost your confidence.

Keep these easy steps in mind as you keep while you boost your confidence with ease:

  1. Boost your confidence and change up your hairstyle.

    Your hair is your crown and how you wear says a lot about you. Keeping things interesting is an easy way to boost your confidence and give you a feeling of being renewed.
    • Typically wear your hair long? Try it shorter. Do you always wear your hair short? Grow it out or try some extensions.
    • While we’re talking hair, try some highlights or play around with new hair color, too.
  1. Boost your confidence and dress for the season wearing trending colors and prints.

    Changing up what you wear to fit the time of the year can give your go-to look a whole new vibe. Even if you have a dress you love to wear in the warmer months, putting a fall-colored cardigan with it once it gets cooler is so refreshing. What an easy way to boost your confidence knowing you look so put together.
    • A new shirt or blouse in the season's most comfortable fabric can give you that up-to-date look.
    • Of course, you don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe every season. Instead, buying a few curated accessories or outfit items in the freshest patterns or colors can do a lot to brighten up your wardrobe.
  1. Boost your confidence and amp up your style with accessories.

    Accessories tend to be less pricey than clothing, yet make a powerful statement in terms of your appearance. Be bold in your accessories and you'll feel bolder as well. 
    • Whether it’s a glistening new bracelet, stunning statement necklace, or a bold pair of earrings, there are so many pieces to choose from when highlighting your God-given personality.
    • It doesn’t take a lot to take an outfit from feeling basic and blah to bright and beautiful. Your attitude, self-esteem, and overall outlook on the day can shift with some as simple as jewelry and accessories.
  1. Boost your confidence and create a self-care regimen.

    No matter your stage of life, taking care of your face and skin is always a great way to pamper yourself. 
    • Keeping your face and skin moisturized is an easy and inexpensive way to prioritize your self and it will show! To kick your complexion up a notch, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.
    • While you’re at it, create a special day of the week or month to go through your regimen. Paint your nails at home, give yourself a pedicure, take a nice long bubble bath. Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s what you want to do to treat yourself.
    • Revisit this blog post for more ideas to use self-care to minimize your stress levels.
  1. Boost your confidence and pay extra attention to the clothes you wear.

    It might sound simple, but picking out your clothes the night before can make a world of difference with everything from the way you feel about your outfit to how prepared you feel for the day. A few minutes at the end of the day to get ready for the next is an excellent way to get a head start and avoid feeling like you’re playing catchup.
    • While you’re paying attention and picking your clothes out before the morning of, take it a step further and go ahead and iron them too! 
    • It’s the small details like this that will give you the confidence of knowing that you’re always well-dressed and put together. The way you present yourself says a great deal about your self-confidence.

Each of these simple upgrades to your style will help you boost your confidence and rejuvenate your overall look. Take these tips to bring your look alive and show off your unique personality as only you can.

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