5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Our HeartWear Jewelry Community

There are so many ways to connect with us at HeartWear Jewelry. Here are a few of the primary ways...

1. Reach out!

Got an idea for a jewelry design you'd like to wear to your next event, whether virtual or in person? No ask is too small and we've yet to meet an ask that's too large. Whether it's a single order of custom earrings, an order for an entire bridal party, and everything in between, we'd love to hear from you!

2. Speak up!

On our social media pages and in our weekly blog, we post updates on what we're working on and our thoughts on a variety of topics. If you see something interesting, contribute to the conversation! We value your input and look forward to your engagement!

3. Trust yourself!

When working with us on a custom design, don't second-guess yourself! You know what you like and you know what customizations you want to try. Just go for it!

4. Get what's yours!

Have you been watching your rewards points rack up? If you've placed even one order with HeartWear Jewelry, you have rewards points waiting for you. Don't leave them on the table!

5. Keep up!

Stay engaged with us - whether by email updates, our Facebook group, or our Instagram & Facebook pages. If we have a promotion running or a new design to share, you'll hear about it!


Out of all these ways to connect, pick your favorites and dive in! There's no single way to engage with us and we look forward to the connections we make with you in the future!

Talk soon!

~ Bryttani G.

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