5 Ways Online Shopping Saves you Time and Money!

The Christmas holiday season is here, whether we're ready or not! While it's still relatively early, get to work on your list -- or start making it! -- so that you can actually ENJOY time with your loved ones this year.

HeartWear Jewelry makes shopping easy while saving your time, effort, and money. Here's 5 ways we do it:

1. Affordable prices

Around here, affordable prices are not just for the holiday season! But it's this time of the year that it makes a world of difference! Thoughtful gifts are always a great idea. Choosing a one-of-a-kind design that you think your loved one would enjoy while not breaking the bank? Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

 2. One stop shopping for the special women in your life

How many women are you buying gifts for this year? Not sure? Think about it before time runs out!

Whether you've got one special lady or seven on your list, take some stress out of your shopping by getting a chunk of your list checked off in one spot!

3. Gift-wrapping with us comes standard!

Whether it's the holiday season or not, our jewelry is always gift-wrapped -- tissue paper, white boxes, and a bow on top, literally!

Buying a gift for a loved one that lives out of your area? No worries! Simply order for them, and enter their shipping information. You'll get the delivery notifications and an update when it's made it, safe and sound.

4. Free shipping for easy gift-giving

Did you realize that you can get free shipping on orders of $45 and up? That's right! How many gifts can you check off your list this year, knowing that you won't have a premium to pay for shipping? 

5. Loyalty has its perks

If you've ever purchased from HeartWear Jewelry, you have rewards points just sitting there waiting for you! Rewards points accumulate into discounts from $5 to even $25 off! From time to time, we run promotions where you can earn even more rewards points on your purchases.
Word on the street is that a lot of our customers are stacking their points so they can use them during the Christmas season. What a great idea! You've earned those points, so put them to good use!

What did I leave out? Do you know of other benefits to online shopping, specifically with HeartWear Jewelry?

I'd love to hear what you think!

Talk soon,

~ Bryttani G.

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